Books by Stephanie Grace Whitson

Laura Rose White fights to save the only way of life she's ever known ... and to become the first licensed steamboat pilot west of the Mississippi.

Irish immigrant Maggie Malone and plantation Libbie Blair are neighbors, but they've never met until the day Maggie is treating the wounded on the battlefield near Libbie's home--which has been taken over as a Union field hospital. 

Set at an 1890 Chautauqua, this book introduced Emily Rhodes to Noah Shaw, "The Man of Many Voices," and Noah to the true meaning of the images his mother embroidered on the quilt he treasures--a meaning that changes his life forever.

WINNER Best Inspirational Romance
2012 Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award
The realization that everything she believed about her life is a lie, Julia must find a way to move forward--and to trust the man upon whom her plans for the future rely.
A prison inmate, the matron for the Female Department, and the warden's wife forge an unlikely friendship.

Three novellas tell quilt stories set in the Amana Colonies, on the Nebraska prairie, and in Gilded Age New York. Recipes and craft projects add special value to this beautiful book.

When sixteen women answer a land speculators ad and venture west, they are surprised to find that they are expected to marry the day they arrive in Plum Grove. Five women say "no," and decide to develop their own homestead.

A banker's daughter ventures north to Fort Benton, Montana in search of her only living relative. But fort Benton is little more than a long row of saloons and brothels ... and the relative? Well. Read on.
Book 3 of the Keepsake Legacies Series. The buttons on a charm string tell the story of Nora O'Dell,  who runs away from home and finds her way to a new life via the art of millinery ... and the love of an actor.
Book 2 of the Keepsake Legacies series. An modern-day antique dealer unintentionally brings home the treasured keepsakes of 19th century mail order bride. In seeking to return the legacy to the family, she finds her own treasure in the guise of Noah Ritter, who looks just like the grandfather who began life in America in a dugout.
Book 1 in the Keepsake Legacies series, Sarah's Patchwork tells the story of an orphan child and her brother. Sarah and Tom were the last children on the train, and no one wanted them--until they run away and meet Jesse King of the Prairie Winds series.
Do you wonder what to say and what to do when friends lose a loved one? This book will help you know "how it feels" and "how to help."

Genevieve LaCroix and her beloved Daniel Two Stars have survived the Dakota War of 1862 ... but how will they find their way in a world that despises them?
Genevieve La Croix and Daniel Two Stars are caught up in the horrific events of the Dakota War of 1862. Will their new faith survive?
As a scout for the U.S. Army, Daniel Two Stars thinks he has found a new life that will give him and his beloved Genevieve a new life. But new challenges will take them to the brink of losing everything--and each other.
The lives of sod house homemakers and the quilts that made their world more bearable. Real history and quilt patterns to help you recreate some of the beautiful quilts that brightened the sod houses of America's pioneer women.

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