Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Winners

The GRAND PRIZE went to: Jennifer  
The $50 gift certificates went to: Laura and Gretchen 

Congratulations, ladies! 

Again, a big thanks to everyone who made the rounds for your wonderful comments. Those of us who participated as authors have all agreed that Christian fiction fans rock ... and that we want to do this again, so hopefully we'll have another hunt in the spring. 

It was great to read the words, "I've never heard of you ... but I think I'd like to try one of your books."

It's a crazy world being a writer, and just finding people who might like my stories can be a real challenge. Believe it or not, the secret to "starting word of mouth" seems to remain a secret in spite of all the options available to us.

In other words, folks, the very best thing that you can do for the writers you love is to simply TELL SOMEONE about that writer. 

Someday in heaven I'm going to ask the Father to show us all the work He did through these stories, just because of readers who "just happened" to share a favorite book or the name of a new writer with a friend.

I bet we will all be amazed.

Praise Him!

Thinking of you Moms who have little gremlins to dress up for the evening's festivities and you mature folks who love playing dress-up. May your day sweet. 

I'll be headed to a place called "Two Old Hippies" in Nashville to hear my daughter sing. A real blessing.

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