Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Poem for those who Grieve

by Stephanie Grace Whitson

A lifeless shell (to earthly eyes)
Can open, freeing its surprise
To dance on a garden leaf.

Gossamer wings gently hesitate
To fly. And then, as wind abates,
It flutters toward the sky.

Out of sight, it yet exists,
And, dancing on, its wings persist
To unseen garden leaves.

No less alive, though out of sight,
It testifies to each man’s plight;
A common destiny.

For each of us must leave behind
A lifeless shell. And earthly-minded
Men can think, “Life’s done.”

It isn’t true. Although unseen,
We flutter on to gardens green
With joy, alive in Christ.

Alive in Christ, whose dead cocoon,
Though buried in a garden tomb
Arose to give new life.

Here’s hope for all in facing death:
A lifeless shell (to earthly eyes)
Precedes the birth of butterflies.


  1. wow. beautiful just doesn't do it justice.

  2. Thanks, Ladies. Good to know you liked it. Since poetry is not exactly my "genre," it's nice to hear these words. Bless you! Please share at will.